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Meizitang Soft Gel

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Product Description

Meizitang Soft Gel is made from pure herbs and has no side effects, usually it can help lose 10 to 15 lbs in a month naturally and gradually.

The pure herbal formula contains Xianxian Cao 21%, Jobstears 18%, Artemisia Dracunculua 12%, Psyllium Husk 19%, Bamboo Shoot 16%, Lotus leaf 14%, etc. The main ingredient Xianxian cao in the pills can increase the calorie consumption and accelerate fat decomposition and combustion effectively. Meizitang solves the subcutaneous fat, pericardial fat, and other fundamental problems of obesity.

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Customers Reviews

5 Stars ( Total 14 Reviews)
my first purchase by Ruben Hoyos
this is my first purchase, if the product is good , buy you much to distribute in my country .

completely good by Reegan Hay
I have tried this meizitang diet pills and completely agree this is an amazing product. Strongly suggest you to lose weight with its helps. you will feel so easy but so healthy !!

successful try by Sophia Graham
After about three weeks it became very apparent to me that I didn't have my uncontrollable appetite, I have recommended this meizitang MSV diet pills to some of my friends and told them my successful weight loss experience.!

really fantastic by Eliza Jones
I think you can give this meizitang slimming pills a chance to prove the weight loss effects. my friend and me are began at the same day last week, and now she lost 3pds, I have lost 4pds, really fantastic !!

no side effects by Rihanna Cunningham
I have taken this meizitang botanical slimming pills for several months. so I can say that it have no side effects , but it really works a little slow, maybe it own that I only taking one bags one day.

very expected by Xavier Christie
I began taking this meizi evolution soft gel the day before yesterday, now I am already lost 3 pounds. I cant wait to see how much pounds I can lost after I finished this pack..

greattttttt by Alexander Houghton
I can't say anything negative about this meizitang weight loss pills! I have lost 11 lbs in a month without any exercise, greattttttt!!! and I feel no any uncomfortable during the period that I used it..

Works great for me.. by Carolyn Anderson
Meizitang Botanical Slimming is working for me! I take the pills an hour before breakfast with warm water, and I felt energetic all day long. Also to get the result maximized, I also combined a certain amount of exercises, like 3 or 4 times a week. I don’t feel streseed with this product.

Good Customer Service by Donna Ramirez
Based on my personal experience, I’m sure you’re going to love this stuff if you take the right dosage and drink enough water. In short, I’m quite satisfied with this product as well as the customer service.

Can’t love Meizitang more. by Carlotta Marcus
Botanical Slimming soft gel is amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who wants to lose weight like me. Just in the second week, some differences stood out to me. I feel more energetic and fresh, and I got the motivation to work out, which normally won't before. This really surprised me, can’t love it more.

I ordered this product to help me in dropping some baby weight. I had been walking everyday with my dog and I also well balanced my meals. I also added some aerobic exercises on my routine. The result came out super good, as I have lost 9 pounds in a month. It does what it says. If anyone wish to slim down, then this would be a good supplement to consider.

Effective  by Casey Ellis
I have been taking these for 1 week now and have no obvious difference in my shape, but I don’t feel hungry like used to be and can go most of the day even I eat little, my friend is also taking this, but she have the problem of dry mouth, I think everybody may be different. Meizitang botanical slimming soft gel seem to be effective.

The only thing I don't like is that when I am hungry, I don't feel hungry like normal, but I get quite shaky and irritated until I eat something. But my appetite is less, eating smaller meals. Some of my friends who take them have no side effects at all.

Good pills  by Carole Ingram
I have been taking these for 1 week now. I have noticed that I have a very dry mouth, and the first time I took this botanical slimming soft gel, I feel a little breathless. But now everything is OK and I lost 13 lbs so far.